dependable cleaning

Corners Too Detail List


  • Exposed sides of appliances
  • Top of refrigerator
  • Cabinets and handles
  • Appliance handles and knobs
  • Edges and ledges of counter and backsplash tile or Formica
  • Walls behind counters
  • Sink drain holes and baskets
  • Seam where sink and counter meet
  • Faucets (build-up)
  • Sink window
  • Metal sides of dishwasher, oven and compactor doors (shined or wiped)
  • Wastebaskets inside and out


  • Toilet sides, base and shut-off valve, baseboards, walls and floor around toilet, screws at seat hinge
  • Toilet paper and towel fixtures
  • Carpet around base of toilet
  • Top edges of tile/Formica
  • Wipe small appliances, bottles, toothbrush holder, etc.
  • Cabinet fronts (toothpaste)
  • Grout and tile in shower and tub areas
  • Soap dishes


  • Back and sides of¬† TV
  • Stereos (behind and between components)
  • Sofa pillows turned
  • Small spaces between furniture
  • Tops of magazines and books dusted
  • Light bulbs and lamp bases
  • Picture frames (wall and table)
  • Rungs, legs, trestles and sides of furniture


  • Top, front and sides of washer/dryer
  • Floor between washer and dryer and between appliance and wall
  • Shut-off handles and hoses


  • Fingerprints on woodwork and handrails
  • Cobwebs in windows, door frames and recessed lights
  • Metal lamps and track lighting cleaned/dusted
  • Curtain rods and rings dusted
  • Edges near walls and furniture
  • Heater tops and grilles
  • General aesthetics in arrangement of objects and furniture (making sure dining chairs are positioned and other pieces are returned to their proper place after cleaning)
  • Vacuuming/mopping of closet and pantry floors contiguous with hard floors
  • Brush off upholstered dining chairs and furniture
  • Vacuum under small area rugs and under edges of large area rugs and straighten fringe
  • High cobwebs
  • Nose and fingerprints on sliding doors and other accessible glass
  • Dust blinds and shutters
  • Change or make beds
  • Ovens and inside of refrigerators (special projects which need to be arranged in advance of the regular cleaning session to be sure enough time is allowed)

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