Friendly and Affordable Testimonial

About Us

MarleneCorners Too Housecleaning Service began in 1986 when creating needs in the world of advertising gave way to the satisfaction of serving people with an everyday need to keep up with busy lives while trying to find time to spend with family and friends, catch up on work or just unwind and relax.

Though housecleaning is necessary (and can even be fun), for most people, it’s a chore that takes time away from more important activities and relationships. It is the mission of Corners Too Housecleaning to restore that valuable time so that you can enjoy life, nurture relationships, entertain guests, catch up on work, and relax.

Our Philosophy……

The home is a place to be nourished….a refueling station for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual renewal, and a safe-haven for self-expression. Corners Too Housecleaning honors the diversity of lifestyle and the unique environment we create in our home.

Corners Too Housecleaning is dedicated to enhancing this special place we call home by helping to keep it clean and beautiful for your enjoyment.

Marlene Leirfallom, Owner
Corners Too Housecleaning